Working Groups

Correctly staffing a Working Group for a particular client or project is undoubtedly one of the more crucial decisions we are required to make when undertaking any new client-matter. We recognize the importance of tailoring ad hoc Working Groups for each client-matter, which have the required expertise to respond to the client’s needs and aspirations, and to add value through their advice.

In staffing Working Groups, we not only take into account the level and nature of expertise required for the work in question, but also the need to be cost-effective for the client.

Members of RB Abogados are known for:

  • ·         Solid academic background.
  • ·         Continual investigation and updating in each of the areas of practice the Firm offers.
  • ·         Successful track record.
  • ·         Extensive experience.
  • ·         Commitment to professional ethics.
  • ·         Human concern.
  • ·         Fluent in several languages.
  • ·         Close relationship with authorities and business groups.
  • ·         Some members of the Firm are recognized professors of Mexico’s most prestigious universities.
  • ·         Some members of the Firm regularly publish articles in specialized legal journals.
  • ·         Most of the Firm’s members are affiliated with recognized national and international legal organizations.