Practice Areas


Negotiation and draft of legal documents on the following transactions:

·         Purchase and sale of on-going business.

·         Purchase and sale of business divisions.

·         International purchase and sale of shares and/or assets.

·         International and domestic distributorship agreements.

·         Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures (Joint ventures agreements, shareholders agreements, mercers and corporate control schemes).

·         Purchase and sale of tangible and intangible assets.


Legal and compliance due diligences to: 

·         Determine legal existence of corporations.

·         Determine legitimate capital ownership by partners and shareholders.

·         Determine corporate restriction on sale of shares.

·         Determine compliance of on-going corporations with their specific administrative regulations.


·         Mergers and acquisitions.

·         Incorporation of any kind of commercial and non commercial companies.

·         Negotiations and draft of by-laws.

·         Maintenance of corporate books and records.

·         Capitalizations.

·         Redemption of shares.

·         All necessary documentation related to dividends payment.

·         Corporate spinoffs, reorganizations and consolidations.

·         Dissolutions.

·         Windups.



·         Investigation on ownership and liens over mining concessions.

·         Due diligence on compliance by concession owners with regulations.

·         Negotiation and draft of exploration and exploitation agreements with or without royalties.

·         Negotiation and draft of exploration agreements with purchase option.

·         Negotiation and draft of assignment of mining concessions.

·         Negotiation and draft of royalty agreements.

·         Negotiation and draft of credit agreements and guarantees regarding mining companies, properties, lands, and equipment.

·         Elaboration of due diligences reports to Banks, Financial Institutions and Investors regarding the legal existence of mining corporations and with respect to their ownership of mining concessions and land and their compliance with administrative regulations.

·         Lease, temporary occupation rights, purchase and sale of land with private owners and first nation rights “ejidos” and communities.

·         Financial leasing for the purchase of machinery and equipment.

·         Contracts for trading mining commodities and derivative transactions.

·         Joint ventures for mining projects development.


Mining Concessions Legal-Landsman Issues

·         Due diligences of the Mining Cartography, with the purpose of locating areas of interest in order to apply for mining concessions.

·         Preparation and filing of applications for mining concessions before the local relevant agencies of the General Bureau of Mining Regulation (“GBMR”).

·         Preparation of maps required to locate mining concessions, agrarian communities and Ejidos.

·         Calculation of applicable mining fees (current or pending) payable for a mining concession.

·         Attendance to the audit visits conducted by the GBMR in order to verify compliance with the obligations stated in the Mining Law and its Regulation Monitoring and conduction of the administrative proceedings in this regard.

·         Calculation of minimum investments to incur in a mining concession; preparation of the relevant Work Assessment Report and implementation of strategies to follow in this regard.

·         Preparation of technical reports of mining concessions in accordance to the Mining Law and its Regulation.

·         Grouping, reduction, division, identification (senior mining concessions) or unification of mining concessions.

·         Conduction of the relevant administrative proceedings in order to obtain the temporary occupation or easements over the surface where a mining concession is located.

·         Administrative correction of mining concession´s title document.

·         Conduction of administrative nullification proceedings of mining concessions due to a surface overlapping.


Finance and Banking

·         Stock issuance and placement.

·         Public-traded companies.

·         Refinancing or liabilities.

·         Creation of security interest and escrow accounts.

·         Drafting and negotiation of credit contract.

·         Trusts.

·         Advice to financial institutions (banks, brokerage firms, mutual fund managers, non-bank  banks, securities specialists, among others).

·         Investment Banking services.

·         Financial and Strategic planning.

·         Turnarounds and organizational restructuring.

·         Acquisition integration and transition services.

·         Deal structuring and corporate financing.

·         Implementation of financial management best practices.

·         Cross-border investor services.


Real Estate

·         Acquisition and disposition of real estate assets located in México.

·         Granting of use, including leasing all forms of real estate assets.

·         Development, management and operation of real estate projects.

·         Ownership and operation of hospitality assets.

·         Creation condominium regimes and other forms of communal ownership.

·         Creation fractional ownership and time-share schemes.

·         Permitting and zoning.


Other legal services

 Through our strategic associated firms we offer services in the following areas of practice:

·         Taxation.

·         Labor and Employment.

·         Community Relations.

·         Government Relations.

·         Energy.

·         International Trade.

·         Antitrust.

·         Telecommunication.